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Undo Post Storm Plant Trauma

Undo Post Storm Plant Trauma

The dreaded late spring snow that comes along after plants have started flowering or leafed out, can leave damage or destruction.  Heavy snows can weigh down branches causing the limbs to break, push flowers to the ground and can force petals to fall off, and some perennial blooms may freeze.  Not exactly what we’d like to see.  Unfortunately the weather can be harsh and unpredictable.  Here are some things you need to know – and some steps you might take to undo some of the damage.

You can help your shrubs recover by bundling and tying the branches together for a couple of months.  This will help them regain their former shape.

Many trees may have suffered in recent freezing temps and turned their leaves brown. The good news is that Mother Nature has a backup plan. Most of these trees should recover and send out a secondary set of buds and leaves. Hopefully they will appear after a few weeks.  Pushing out these buds requires a lot of energy. Be prepared to provide a little extra TLC with adequate water and fertilization.

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