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Is Widlife Eating Your Garden?

Is Widlife Eating Your Garden?

Are any pesky creatures eating your vegetables in your garden?  Maybe racoons, squirrels, rabbits, or any other critter.  They may be cute, but if they’re eating your garden, they’re not so cute anymore.

There are some things you can do to protect your gardens.

  • With rabbits, try building a raised bed of 2 feet or higher.  This is higher than they should be able to jump.  Or if a raised bed is not possible, surround the garden with a fence that is at least 2 feet high.  If it’s a wire fence, make sure they can’t squeeze through any of the holes.
  • For birds, you could try bird netting by draping it over the plants..  You can find this at most garden centers.  This could also deter other critters as well.
  • Racoons are probably the hardest to deter because they are quite intelligent animals.  If you can create some sort of tall barrier with a slick surface that the racoons can’t climb or hold onto.

Hopefully any of these tricks help get rid of those pesky critters.  If you have any other ways of protecting your garden share them with us.


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