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How To Battle The Frost

How To Battle The Frost

When you know it’s going to get cold enough to cause some freezing, here are some ways to protect your plants:

  • Use frost or shade protection fabric to cover your plants.  You can buy this at most garden centers
  • You can also cover your plants with sheets, blankets or towels if you don’t have any of the above fabric.  Although if there is moisture they won’t be as effective.  With mmoisture, you’ll want to use the fabric above.
  • If snow is in the forecast, you can use tarps or plastic bags

Some plants will be stronger than others.  The frost and freeze borderline is right around 32 degrees.

If your plants to get some frost, you can do some basic steps to try and recover the plant.  If there are any wilted leaves, this is a sign of frost.  Prune all of these wilted leaves off of the plant so that it can redirect its energy back into the plant.  Otherwise it will spend too much energy trying to recover those areas.

Now if it’s going to get down below freezing, it’s about time to give in.  At that point we’d suggest to pick all the crops off the plants in your garden and then look forward to next spring when you can plant again.

Vegetable garden in winter


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