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Extend Your Outdoor Living Area Season

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area Season

A  great way to extend your season of being able to enjoy your outdoor living area is with fire!  Fire pits are a great way to heat up the area to remove the chill.  You could install a wood-burning or gas fire pit.

A wood-burning fire pit will give you a feel of camping with the wood-burning smell.  It’s also a great way to test if you’d like to put in a more permanent fire pit that is easier to light and without the smell of smoke.  The good side of wood-burning is that they are much easier to install and there is no need to run a gas line.  They also produce more heat than a gas fireplace.  Now the downsides to wood-burning, they’re harder to get started, you have to watch for flying sparks so you need proper spacing from anything that could catch fire, you have to cut or buy wood, if there’s a pollution ban you won’t be allowed to light it, and you’ll smell like campfire afterwards.

If you’d like something easy to start up, a gas fireplace or a gas lamp is a great way to heat up the area.  Both work very well.  Some of the benefits of gas, they are easy to light up, they are much cleaner, they turn off instantly – there’s no waiting for them to burn out, and they don’t leave you smelling like you were camping .  Some of the downsides to gas is you can’t cook over them, they produce less heat, the fire rings may clog, and the logs or rocks can look cheap.  With the gas fireplace, there are so many different styles to choose from.


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